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Paul Hart

Paul Hart

Paul Hart of Clan Albanach Kiltmakers in Scotland was delighted with his unique set of private registration plates (K1 LTO, K1 LTT and K1 LTX) shown here on a variety of company vehicles... Warning: substr() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 81
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Why do we have car registrations? They are not just attractive accessories for our vehicles, they serve an important purpose in ensuring that a vehicle can be identified in case of accident, theft or misdemeanour.

Car registrations were introduced in the UK in 1904 as a result of the 1903 Motor Car Act.

Initially, a cars registration plate gave no indication as to the age of a vehicle although the letters did show where the vehicle was originally registered. Eg: HG registrations were issued in Burnley, SF were issued in Edinburgh...

Car Registration Years

As the years went by, the number of vehicles on the roads of the UK grew at an astonishing rate and it was decided that a system needed to be implemented whereby the car registrations would give more information about the vehicle. Thus, in 1963, the suffix system was born which continued having letters to indicate where the vehicle was registered and which now included a letter suffix to indicate the year when the vehicle was first registered. The suffix "A" was used from January - December 1963. A new suffix was used each year up until 1967 when the "E" suffix lasted only until the end of July. From August 1st 1967 the UK used a new suffix annually, valid until the end of July the following year. The tradition of rushing to own a new car registered on August 1st continued for the next 30 years; including the prefix system.

By 1982, the suffix system had been exhausted and the prefix system came into force on August 1st 1983. This put the year-identifier at the start eg: A1 ABC. August 1st 1998 was the very last August, new car date and the "S" prefix was issued up until the end of February 1999. From March 1st 1999 umtil August 31st 1999 vehicles were registered with a "T" prefix. From September 1st 1999 until February 28th 2000 vehicles were given a "V" prefix and so on with two dates every year for the change of registration: March 1st and September 1st. The change in the dates of first registration having been introduced in order to assist the motor industry to even-out demand throughout the year.

The prefix system also came to an natural end on 31st August 2001 and the current system of car registrations was brought in. It was designed to, again, show the place and date where the vehicle was first registered but to also have a longer shelf-life than the previous system. The current system of car registrations in Great Britain has two letters showing the place where the vehicle was registered, two numbers showing the month and year of first registration and then three random letters. The current system should last us until the end of 2049!

Personalised Registration Plates

Personalised registration plates are more popular than ever!

Obviously, we all must display a cars registration plate on our car (that's the law, and has been since 1903!).

Car registration plates were originally white letters on a black background. From January 1st 1974, however, they must be reflective and show black letters/numbers on a white background (the front plate) and a yellow background (the rear plate).

Your cars number plate says a lot about you. People use their car number plate to show what football team they support, what their initials are, what their nickname is, what their favourite pet is called etc. But there's much more to car reg plates than such fripperies – a personalised car registration plate can be worth far more than the car itself and can be a fantastic investment opportunity too.

About Our Service

When you buy a new registration from British Car Registrations you can feel entirely confident in the service you will receive. When we are in a position to do so, our experienced administration staff will coordinate the entire transfer of your private car registration with DVLA. If you buy on–line there is also a state–of–the–art online tracking facility so that you can track the progress of your transfer at any time to suit you, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We know how important it is for you to find out how the transfer of your new number plate is progressing and whatever personalised registration you choose to buy on-line comes with this facility. At British Car Registrations you will find that we sell all types of car registrations. We sell private car registrations owned by clients, we sell vehicle registrations that are held in our own stock and we also sell DVLA registrations. In every case, reg plates are sold subject to availability, DVLA regulations and to our terms of business. Importantly, some personal registrations are subject to vat and you should check before you agree to purchase.

All telephone conversations with us are recorded in order to ensure the quality of our service and for everyone's security. We accept all major credit cards and so if you want to buy one of our car registartions or even a set of car registrations, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable organisation. In light of the Distance Selling Regulations, we hereby notify you that our service begins immediately upon an initial payment being taken, this means that you are not entitled to a "cooling off period" or to a full or partial refunds.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & vehicle Licensing Agency. British Car Registrations is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Private Number Plates

The phrase private number plates is just one of the many terms used to describe a car registration that includes letters and/or numbers that have a meaning to the vehicle's owner. Other commonly-used phrases are car registrations, private registration plates, personalised registrations, cherished marks, personalised number plates and vanity plates.

Personalised number plates range in price from £100 up into the thousands. Important factors in determining price include popularity of letters or numbers, whether the combination spells a word or a name and, if so, how popular or relevant that name/word is. The demand of the combination is highly important in determining the number plate's price.

Many think that owning a private number plate is for the rich and famous only. This is incorrect, as there is an affordable personal registration out there for most car owners. Private number plates are the ideal way to get noticed, they are a great way to personalise your car, as number plates that are not personalised are boring. When you purchase a car, the number plate provided is standard and unmemorable, however, with our private number plates you can pick something exciting that stands out from the crowd.

Private Number Plates Measurements

As we have been in the private number plates industry for a long time you can be rest assured we will have the personalised number plate that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your initials, your name or maybe even your favourite football clubs initial, we are certain to have what you need and will help you in finding the nearest available plate.

In order to find a private number plate that is ideal for you, simply search for your initials, your name or whatever it is that you are looking for by entering your choice in the box provided at the bottom of this page. We have ensured that our number plates search system finds the most relevant plates we have available for you.

If you would like to know more about our private plates, please get in touch with our staff today in order to find the information you need.

DVLA Registrations

For the very best in DVLA registrations, make us your first and only choice. Not only do we have a very varied range of DVLA registration plates, but our dedicated and experienced team can take away all of the hard work by transferring your new DVLA registrations over for you - in many cases with just 7 days.


In our world there are a variety of terms that all describe the same thing! DVLA refer to what we sell as Cherished Numbers. However, cherished numbers are also commonly referred to as private plates, personal plates, personalised plates, private registration plates, private registrations, car registrations, personal number plates and many other terms.

In recent years, the use of the internet to search for a private plate has increased tremendously and search terms such as number plates uk, registration plates uk and uk registration plates as well as the more common terms like private plates, personal plates, private registrations etc are increasingly used to find the very special, truly cherished number that the user is seeking.

Whatever you call it, it's exactly the same thing and you have chosen exactly the right site to find your ideal personalised plate.

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